fittings for fuel technology for metal industry

high-performance solutions for mixed gases: EPVA series

surplus is no theory

Discover the surplus of our new valve generation. Highly specialized in the controlling of gas, oil and other media in burners, ovens, biolers and power plants. Our new valve gerneration can just do more - and that in three aspects:
efficiency | comfort | performance

our speciality - high end valves

Do you need high-performance components which are nonsensitive to corrosion and abrasion for your lines, components with maximum service life and high make-andbreak cycle? Perfect!

Since Uni-Geräte supplies electromagnetic valves and electro-pneumatic valves, which absolutely meet the requirements of very complex tasks such as for example the operation of steal and iron plants with blast furnace gas, coal gas or mixed gases. And this even tailor-made to your individual user’s profile. Best preconditions for the best possible combustion and for energy-saving as well as costefficient production. And all this to allow you to step on the gas.

uni-geräte - the value company

Whether standard model or tailor-made, the precision products of Uni-Geräte correspond to even most sophisticated requirements of more than 3000 business partners. Thanks to firstclass technology and excellent competence we find the best possible solution for every application. That is why we have been successfully exporting our fittings to countries all over the world for more than 60 years.